24/04/2017 Playlist

1-01 Mboko Song (solo voice, musical bowl)
1-02 Heel and Toe Polka
1-03 Koukouya Horns and Drums (Ivory Horns, Drums, Solo Voice)
1-04 Blackfoot_ Lucky Stone Song
1-05 Sunday Night Service
1-06 Rhythm
1-08 Kouyou Medicine Dance (Male Voices, Horn, Drums, Sticks, Handclapping)
1-09 Rhythm No.7 with drum
1-10 Djuka Dance Drums
1-11 Drum Rhythms for the Deity Ogoun
1-12 Mboko Riddle Song (Male Voices, Zither Harp, Wooden Sticks, Rattle)
1-13 Sĕkĕti Songs_ Song of a Foreign Land
1-14 Peyote Cult Song
1-15 Drums for the Deity Eshu
1-16 Cuminia Drums
1-17 Djuka Dance Drums
18 Quitta Seche Dance Drums
19 Rudiments with Drumstick Nervebeats
20 Gagaku
21 Drumming for Bandammba
22 Ba Anansi (Brother Anansi)
23 Juba Dance Drumming
24 Drums for the Deity Eshu
25 Currulao 'Agua Grande'
26 Babinga Dance (Mixed Voices, Drums)
27 Membranophones and Idiophones_ Pounding Bamboos
28 MM74_ Hamatsa Song Cycle
29 Japanese Beetles On A Rose


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